The Beautiful Beauty Makes Hoi An The Number One Destination In The World

With a quiet neighborhood, immense sea, poetic river … Hoi An (Quang Nam), the world’s number one city, is an attractive destination, enchanting a lots of tourists.

How Hoi An Voted as one of the leading tour destination in the World?

Crossing Tokyo (Japan), Chiang Mai (Thailand) … Hoi An became the most wonderful city in the world voted by the famous travel magazine Travel and Leisure. Not flashy, magnificent, the attraction of this land comes from the most simple and simple beauty. It’s only about 30 km south of Da Nang city, Hoi An Ancient Town (Quang Nam) is an old City. Located on the banks of the romantic Thu Bon River.

The structure of the old town is arranged in the style of a chessboard with short and narrow roads, curving along the vertical, embracing each row of houses closely. Features of Hoi An neighborhood you hardly find anywhere else. Coming to Hoi An, you will be returned to the space of a busy and bustling commercial port in the old days. Spread over an area of ​​about 2 km2. Hoi An is home to thousands of historical relics, preserving unique cultural features, including many old houses, shrines to worship gods, families and temples…


With no hustle and bustle city, life here continues calmly under the moss-covered roof tiles, the old gray molded walls and the red flooded street. It is the classic color, the nostalgic atmosphere that has sown in the hearts of people.

In addition to the splendid houses, luxurious resorts with convenient services. Cua Dai fascinates people more than. Because of the charming beauty and honesty in the productive labor life. Here, you will admire the scenery of boats full of fish, shrimp, returning from the vast sea. The Cua Dai bridge connecting the two banks, looming in the distance is Tan Hiep island commune (Cu Lao Cham) peace between the vast ocean.


With convenient terrain, the meeting place of the three rivers Thu Bon, Truong Giang and De Vong. Cua Dai concentrated crowded fishermen living and catching seafood. The sight of boats floating in large and small, fish markets crowded with people buying and selling, fishing boats built up close to the river … made all tourists excited holiday in Hoi An, attracting many photographers to come here and find inspiration. Photo source: Internet

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