Hai Van Pass – A Wonderful Road Of Vietnam

Hai Van Pass is 20 km from Da Nang city and 80 km from Hue city. The mountain pass is located on the mountain branch that reaches the sea of ​​Bach Ma range, connecting Thua Thien Hue province and Da Nang city. 500m high pass compared to sea level and about 20km long – just heard you saw the challenge, right?

The name and history of forming Hai Van Pass

The name “Hai Van” is set by people because it has a beautiful scenery, all year round white clouds cover the top of the pass while at the foot of the pass is the vast sea scene stretching to the horizon. In addition, it is also called May pass (the word “Van” means “Cloud”) or Ai Van pass. Because there is a gate at the top of the pass.

According to historical records, the old Hai Van Pass is the boundary between Dai Viet and Chiem Thanh. Later, the Ho took troops to fight Champa, the king of Chiem, so they cut the land to reconcile. From there, the Hai Van Pass belongs to Dai Viet – Vietnam today.

Conquer Hai Van Pass – the most beautiful and adventurous road in Vietnam

The Hai Van Pass road bends and twists as if challenging the footsteps of free travelers. The crazy people will be immensely interested in this adventurous road, with the other side being a majestic mountain, under the cool blue sea forming a magnificent nature picture, worthy of ” mandarin “. That Legend of King Le Thanh Tong conferred on a Da Nang tours on the top of the pass (in 1470). The road when winding along the mountain, when turning a very unexpected turn. All like capturing the hearts of those who love new things, is a difficult way to ignore for the “righteous people”.

Being said to be the most dangerous road in Vietnam, coming here, you will have the feeling that nowhere is it possible. When you depart at the foot of the pass, you are extremely excited. Slowly, you are thrilled to get a little nervous when you enter the winding and dangerous road.

After that, you will love when going to the top of the pass, we collect into the view the natural scenery that makes everyone surprised. Behold, the White Horse series coincides with the beautiful and mysterious message of the mist, and the North – South train line carries the warmth of the journeys, and the blue and green waves touch the horizon.

From the top of the pass, look at the beautiful scenery

Both Lang Co Bay, Da Nang City, Cu Lao ChamTien Sa Port and Son Tra Peninsula – the beautiful scenes of this land all appear in your vision. What is more amazing? Still, it feels good to feel down. Once again you will be nervous because of the dangers of the slump but enjoy the freedom. Because of the happiness that we have conquered the Hai Van Pass, the footprints of the beautiful coastal road. best of the world.

All will be unforgettable imprints for hunters who are passionate about exploring and aspiring to conquer new things.

Transportation to Hai Van Pass

Go to the pass, you can move by car and motorbike, bicycle. However, traveling by motorbike is still “the most faint”! Because, this is a means to help you fully understand the feeling of conquering Hai Van Pass. You can actively stop on the pass, take a break, take a picture of the scenery. If you travel from Da Nang, after about 1 hour, you will reach this majestic and dangerous road.

In addition, many of you risk to conquer the pass by bike. But of course, you must have a very good physical strength to dare to do this. Being an explorer addict, being a crazed hunter who translated effectively, you will not be able to ignore the beautiful Hai Van Pass road. and full of dangers.

Experience the feelings of hardship for a more youthful, more loving S-shaped strip of land! Proudly “Heavenly First Heroes” Hai Van Pass.

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